Student scholarships

Sarlahi, Nepal

  • Team: Books of Joy and Hoste Hainse
  • Goal: Sponsor schooling costs for female students to empower gender equality in education
  • Background: 
    • Girls in Nepal are at a high risk of dropping out of school due to poverty, societal pressure for early marriage, and family duties. As a result, we wanted to provide female students with the financial support and motivation to continue their education.
  • Outcome:
    • Provided scholarships for a total of 40 girls to date
    • Female students we sponsored felt a greater sense of empowerment to push back against conservative societal pressures (e.g., teenage marriages) and actively promote their experiences in school to others
    • With education comes greater ability for female students to participate in decision-making forums, contribute meaningfully to their family’s income and well-being, and set positive example for future generations of female scholars